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Day One Schedule

8:30 AM 

Registation and Breakfast

Check in and pick up your conference materials.

Menu: Start your day with a hearty breakfast of Bacon and Eggs.

9:00 AM 


Starting the day with some housekeeping notes and an engaging icebreaker session to get to know your fellow attendees.

9:30 AM 

About ASEC

Discover ASEC's Mission, Vision, and Values. We will also present an overview of the strategic plan and provide a status update on last year's initiatives.

10:00 Am



Take a moment to relax and recharge before the next session.

Hospitality Suite open! 

10:30 AM 

Break out groups 

  • Position Breakout Sessions:

    • Groups will be pre-sorted, and questions will be provided.

    • Discuss how being involved with ASEC can support your role this year.

    • Identify your biggest support, knowledge, and capacity gaps.

11:00 AM 

Intro to Advocacy

From Jason Roth, NAITSA External Relations Director

Gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to be a student advocate. Explore the strategies, tools, and best practices used by successful student advocates, and learn how advocacy can significantly impact students' educational experience and outcomes.

12:00 PM 

ASEC Ecosystem Welcome

Partners join to offer 5 minute introductions about what their role/involvement with ASEC is and how we collaborate. Time for Q&A to follow. - APSN, CAUS, ABGPAC, OER WG, ACC

1:00 PM 



Menu: Enjoy a delicious Mexican style lunch.

2:00 PM

The Belonging Experience
Kind Conversations

From Cherie Sawaryn

Facilitated by BeeKind Hive, this session will focus on creating a sense of belonging through kind and meaningful conversations.

5:00 PM 

Get Involved

Members from last year share ways to get involved with ASEC and associated expectations/processes for election




METRO --  Dinner and activities!

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