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The high cost of traditional educational resources and textbooks creates an obstacle to the accessibility and affordability of post-secondary education and innovation in pedagogy and curriculum design. Open Educational Resources (OER) are a viable solution to both of these barriers since they are accessed for free online, printed at a fraction of the cost of a textbook, and can supplement traditional textbooks.

If you're passionate about OER Advocacy and want to join the provincial working group, send us a note to get started!


Open Educational Resources have potential value for all advanced education stakeholders concerned with meeting the best interests of  students and providing quality, affordable and accessible post-secondary education. Check out our resources linked below for faculty, institutions, and government. 


FACULTY Fact Sheet | Research Resources



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There are plenty of great resources to host a #TextBookBrokeAB Campaign on your campus in both semesters.  Alberta is fortunate to have a working group comprised of student advocacy groups, student leaders, and librarians from across the province working towards increasing the prevalence of OER usage. 

The #TextbookBrokeAB campaign seeks to gather data and raise awareness around the cost prohibitive nature of textbooks for many students. The data helps to support advocacy efforts, as it helps to illustrate the many ways students have had to adapt to the high costs of books and the hard choices students are often making between books or other basic living needs. 

Textbook Broke Canva templates! 

OER FYI Guide here

Campaign Overview

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The provincial working group has collaborated on a number of projects to raise awareness of the need and benefit of OER's in Alberta's post-secondary education system. Check them out below!


March 2021 | July 2021 | February 2023 | March 2023

AB 2030 Submission

October 2020

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