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Day Two Schedule

8:30 AM 



Menu: Enjoy a delicious breakfast featuring a Frittata and Yogurt.

9:00 AM 

Spheres of Influence

In pre-sorted groups
Part 1: Writing advocacy goals, priorities, and areas of interest 

Part 2: Coming together to sort out where these items fall between institution, municipal, provincial, federal or other

10:30 AM 


Take a moment to relax and recharge before the next session.

Hospitality Suite open! 

11:00 AM

Federal Considerations

Gain insights into ASEC's federal work, focusing on FSAA and other pertinent issues. This session will also present a critical question regarding our future direction, to be resolved at the General Meeting.

12:00 PM

Intro to Government

Learn about the AE department, effective strategies for working with government, key contacts, and the process of policy development and influence.

1:00 PM 



Menu: Enjoy a wholesome lunch of Soup, Salad, and Sandwiches.

2:00 PM

Media Training

Megan, Empire Collective

Enhance your communication skills with our media training session. Learn to deliver clear, compelling messages and handle interviews with confidence. Perfect for professionals looking to master public speaking and media interactions.

6:30 PM 



Metro - Dinner and Activity! 

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