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Post-secondary education remains a priority in Budget 2016

April 2016 | Edmonton, Alberta— The Alberta Students’ Executive Council (ASEC) commends the government for making post-secondary education a priority.  In the current economic climate, we believe post-secondary education serves as a key proponent in the development of a sustainable, adaptive, and prosperous economy.  The government’s commitment to the promised two-year tuition freeze demonstrates that predictability for students and their families is important. Kristen George, ASEC Chair adds “in a time when turmoil is ever present in the lives of Albertans, predictability for post-secondary education is something Albertans can count on in 2016 thanks to this government”.

The largest priority for students across Alberta this year was continued funding support for mental health in post-secondary. Our members have been clear and consistent that this funding support is integral to the success of our students. The one-year continuation of previous funding for mental health in Budget 2016 is a relief for students worried about the future of services and supports on campus.  ASEC’s 14 member students’ association will share $600,000 that will continue to fund student-led initiatives through the Alberta Campus Mental Health and Innovation (ACMHI) fund. This funding will go towards meeting the needs of 105,000 students located across the province. Additional funding was awarded to five of Alberta’s universities in the amount of $3,000,000.  

Going forward, ASEC will continue to advocate for mental health supports to be equitably distributed across Alberta’s student population, and looks forward to working with the Ministry of Advanced Education in pursuit of this goal. ASEC encourages the government to commit to a principle of funding equality in the future.

Additionally, the government’s financial commitment of 65 million dollars in grants in foundational learning will serve an instrumental role in assisting students overcome barriers that have hindered their ability to access adult learning opportunities in the past. “The successfulness of Alberta’s post secondary learners has been improved by this funding,” adds George, “it will provide students with the opportunity to develop skills and amplify their ability to lead fulfilling lives”.  




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ACMHI Is Hosting a Provincial Wellness Summit

December 2015 | Edmonton, Alberta – Alberta Campus Mental Health Innovation (ACMHI) is hosting its first Wellness Summit on January 29 & 30, 2016. The Summit will bring students, campus practitioners, government and community partners to build on the efforts of previous Wellness Summits. Through the theme ‘Connect, Learn, Share’, summit participants will strengthen partnerships and share best practices to coordinate local and provincial action for healthy campuses across Alberta.

The Wellness Summit will feature insights from the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) and from various post-secondary leaders to share innovative mental health initiatives across the province. Through interactive and informative sessions, the Wellness Summit will inspire and promote meaningful discussion around the current state of mental health services on campuses in Alberta and support the development of the Alberta Post-Secondary Mental Health and Addiction Community of Practice. 

The Wellness Summit will be held on January 29 & 30th, 2016 at Lister Centre, University of Alberta. Registration is open until January 6, 2016. Visit for more information on registration and participation opportunities.


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