Preparing your vote

Step 1: Know the parties and their platforms

Every constituency will have multiple candidates from different parties. Each party will have different priorities and plans for the future. Get to know the parties and the candidates to see which ones best reflect your values. An voting uninformed is like walking into a test without studying.

You can find party platforms at their respective websites. Below are links to the main parties running, be sure to know all the parties running in your riding.

Step 2: Know your ridings voting station:

Each constituency will have designated polling stations for voting. On Election Day you can vote at your designated polling station. You can find out which constituency you live in, where your polling station is, who are the registered candidates are, and information on Advanced Polls, and more at


To vote you need Government issued ID that shows your name, photo, and address. This can be a Driver’s License, or two pieces that have your name and photo, and name and address.

Go to your local polling station, tell the people there you would like to vote and they will confirm your name is on the list. If you haven’t registered yet you can do so in person then.

They shall provide a ballot and direct you to the voting area where you can mark your ballot in secrete. After you will place your marked ballot into the ballot box. Next, go out and brag about how you voted.

**** But I don’t like any of the candidates or parties ****

Go in to vote and spoil your ballot! Mark off everybody or no body or write in Spongebob.

This tells politicians that you are unhappy and still engaged with the process. Not voting just tells them you are disengaged with elections.

You must be registered to vote! To register follow this link:

If you forget to register before voting days, do not worry. You will need to produce One piece of government issued ID with your photograph and address at the polling station.

If you do not have one of the above you can provide two pieces of authorized ID. Both of them must have your full name. One must have your address.