The responsibility of ASEC's Board of Directors is to provide direction for the organization based on the needs of Albertas' students. 

Our Board is composed of six voting members, two non-voting members and the Executive Director. The membership elects the six voting members annually. The new elected Board members appoint the two non-voting members from amongst the staff of our membership organizations to act as advisors.

Our 2019/20 Board members include: will be elected on June 8, 2019.

Our 2018/19 Board members include: Naomi Andreea Pela, Chaise Lucas Posein Combs, Shelby Brette Meyer, Lindsey Frances Comeau, Brandon Anthony Vollweiter, Nicholas Newnes. Non-voting Board members: Adam James Boechler, Jason Christopher Roth. Executive Director: Marlene Morin 

Once approved, board meeting minutes will be available here.