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No surprises for post-secondary in budget 2015, students look to budget 2016 for new commitment to mental health on post secondary

October, 2015 | Edmonton, Alberta— The Alberta budget released by the Honourable Joe Ceci on October 27 held few surprises for post-secondary students. The reversal of market-modifiers, the tuition freeze, and the funding model review for Campus Alberta were already announced in the interim supply bill in June. Students are pleased with these commitments, and with the new announcements on funding for Student Aid and the return of the STEP program.

“Big promises were made to students during the election,” says ASEC Chair, Kristen George, “these are positive steps towards meeting these promises.”

Students are now looking forward to budget 2016, where we hope to see a renewed commitment to funding mental health support for post-secondary. The current government’s commitment to mental health support funding for post-secondary is currently in its final year. ASEC’s membership has consistently identified the weakness of mental health services on campus as a gap that needs to be addressed. Students need a new commitment to mental health support from their government and we look forward to working with them to achieve that commitment.

The Alberta Students’ Executive Council (ASEC) represents over 105,000 students from 14 students’ associations from all across Alberta. ASEC is a member-driven, non-partisan, student advocacy organization.


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ACMHI Looks Forward to a Successful Third Year

 October 2015 | Edmonton, Alberta – The third and final year of the Alberta Campus Mental Health Innovation (ACMHI) fund is well underway. So far, 13 students’ associations received $485,000 in mental health support. Students continue to work towards improving the wellness of more than 100,000 post-secondary students in Alberta, fostering resilient leaders for the future through anti-stigma campaigns, awareness workshops, peer-support services, and more. 

With support from Alberta Health and the Alberta Students’ Executive Council (ASEC), ACMHI encourages student-led mental health initiatives that address the continued gap between student needs and available mental health support. “Students’ associations across Alberta are leading on-campus discussion surrounding mental health for the third year,” says Kristen George, ASEC Chair. “ACMHI-funded programs and events continue to succeed and grow in impact because mental health initiatives are created by students, for students.” 

This year, students are hosting innovative initiatives that speak to their student body, and address specific mental health needs on each campus. Students at the Alberta College of Art & Design, for example, are joining the conversation on mental health through art, by participating in the Artist-In-Residence program. Many campuses are implementing Wellness Wednesdays and self-care campaigns to promote positive well-being, and reducing the growing stresses of attending post-secondary through free pet therapy sessions, yoga classes, and massages. Peer support services remain a priority, as more students’ associations implement peer counselling services to combat lengthy wait-times when seeking professional help. 

ACMHI funds and initiatives are facilitating campus environments that are more welcoming, safe, and supportive of students’ mental health. Please see our Year 3 Overview for more information on upcoming mental health initiatives across the province. 


Kristen George, Chair                                  Jessica Turowski, ACMHI Project Manager

Alberta Students’ Executive Council          Alberta Students' Executive Council 

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ASEC Announces Mental Health as Priority for Post Secondary

August, 2015 | Edmonton, Alberta—The Alberta Students’ Executive Council (ASEC), which represents over 105,000 students from 14 institutions, meets every summer to establish advocacy priorities. Mental health support for Albertan campuses was the number one priority of ASEC membership, followed by transferability and international student fees. “ASEC’s advocacy priorities are well aligned to create positive waves for Alberta’s students,” says Kristen George, ASEC Chair, “We are excited to collaborate with government to achieve innovative solutions to today’s post secondary problems.” 

Mental health support has been an ASEC priority for a number of years, owing to the continued gap between student needs and available support. ASEC has worked with the Government of Alberta and Alberta Health to create ACMHI, the Alberta Campus Mental Health and Innovation fund. ACMHI has encouraged student led mental health initiatives across Alberta with great success. As the ACMHI program enters its third and final year, ASEC urges the government to commit itself to sustainable mental health support for Alberta campuses.

ASEC’s membership also identified program transferability and student mobility as a key issue confronting students. While transferability and diverse learner pathways have improved considerably since ASEC first made transferability an issue in 2011, more work needs to be done to ensure Alberta’s students reach their academic goals.

International student tuition fee regulation is another ASEC priority. ASEC is concerned about the lack of regulation concerning international student fees. International students are a key part of our campus communities, whose fees need to be covered under government regulation.

ASEC is also committed to collaboration with the Ministry of Innovation and Advanced Education as it reviews post secondary education funding in Alberta.


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