ACMHI Approval Panel: At a Glance

Since the start of ACMHI funding in the summer of 2013, ASEC has been thankful to have the expertise of the Approval Panel. The panel is an external, impartial committee of reviewers making fund granting decisions. It currently consists of 8 mental health experts from across Alberta, with opportunities for others to join the panel to create a diversified adjudicating committee. Below, I have outlined a few areas of interest that panel member have, though, needless to say, these lists are far from exhaustive. If you would like to view panel members biographies or faculty websites (if applicable), feel free to email to learn more.

ACMHI Approval Panel Profiles: 

Chair - Sheena Abar, University of Alberta

  • Coordinates a team of Community Social Workers at UAlberta who are responsible for extending the spectrum of services offered to support the overall health and wellness of the campus community.  Through preventative action the team engages with partners from campus and surrounding area to strengthen capacity, provide bridges to resources, and advocate for greater inclusivity.  The main goal/function of the team is foster and celebrate connection and resiliency on campus.  This position combines my work at two previous post-secondary institutions with my formal social work training, allowing me to work directly with individuals and groups in developing creative solutions to the issues that arise from everyday situations.

Member - Keith Dobson, University of Calgary 

Areas of interest:

  • Clinical Psychology, Cognitive-Behavioural Models of Psychopathology, Cognitive-behavioural Therapies, Stigma, Evidence-based Practice, Professional Issues

Member - Bernadine Wojtowcz, University of Lethbridge

Area of interest:

  • Mental health, Mental illness, Crisis, Crisis intervention, Crisis management, Community mental health, Suicide, Suicide intervention, Suicide prevention, Depression, Mood disorders, Personality disorders, Psychosis, Anxiety disorders, Stigma, Mental status assessment

Member - Ione Challborn, Canadian Mental Health Association - Edmonton Region

  • Executive Director of CMHA, a registered not-for-profit, registered charity/foundation, making mental health matter in our community by promoting mental health and supporting the resilience and recovery of people affected by mental illness.

Member - Janki Shakar, University of Calgary

Area of interest:

  • Mental Health of Employees Experiencing Mental Illness, Support Needs of Employers, Mental Health Difficulties Among Post-Secondary Students, Domestic Violence in Visible Minority Immigrant Families, Needs of Family Caregivers of People Experiencing Disability. 

Member - Anthony Joyce, University of Alberta

Area of interest:

  • Psychotherapy Research, Evaluation, and Treatment Effectiveness 

Member - Jian Li Wang, University of Calgary

Area of interest:

  • Work Place Mental Health, Stigma Against Mental Illness, Psychiatric Epidemiology, Early Identification and Prevention of Mood/Anxiety Disorders.