Mental Health in the Workplace: A message from RedLine Interactive!

Make Mental Health In The Workplace A Mandatory Requirement!

EDMONTON, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - Dec. 15, 2014) - On June 15, 2012, tragedy struck G4S. While performing a routine cash transfer at the University of Alberta's HUB Mall, Travis Baumgartner fatally shot three of his coworkers and critically wounded another. The ripple effect of the shooting had devastating impacts on the mental health of those involved, as well as their families, friends and colleagues.

Our initiative aims to bring together public figures, policy makers and politicians to tackle this issue and create a solution; ultimately, our goal is that mental health support becomes mandatory in every workplace.

"Lets have a requirement that, no matter where you work, you are required - every employer in this country is required - to have a mental health awareness program."

- Wayne Garner Vice President, Teamsters Local 362

We've produced a webseries with Redline Interactive Ltd. that chronicles this journey. View the trailer here and share it with your audience.

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