ACMHI Update: The King's University

ACMHI 2014-2015 Projects are off to a quick start this year. With $500,000 being distributed to Students' Associations, unique approaches are being implements across Alberta at 14 post-secondary institutions.

The King's University has provided an update on their efforts so far!

This is the first year the King's University has received the mental health funding and thus, we are experimenting to see what kind of events draw the students. Mental health forums took place during the first two Mondays of September. The first forum featured a psychiatry student from the U of A who discussed what stress was, causes of stress, and healthy/unhealthy coping mechanisms. The second forum featured a counsellor and chaplain who discussed healthy living, how to determine stress levels, and maintaining balance. A midterms de-stress event was held on October 21st, which involved colouring pages and fresh fruit and vegetables. Another midterms de-stress event will be taking place on November 7th.

Thanks Kings, and best of luck for the upcoming year!

Check out the Kings' Students' Association Website here: