The Jack Project: Unleash the Noise

The Jack project founded in 2010 as the legacy of Jack Windeler, a student at Queen’s University who tragically and unexpectedly died by suicide.

The focus of The Jack Project is opening up the conversation about mental health, and encouraging young people to take care of themselves and their peers. They are achieving these goals by giving youth the freedom, flexibility and tools to lead the design and delivery of initiatives 

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One of the initiatives coming out of The Jack Project, is a student-led Initiative called Unleashing the Noise that is uniting student voices with their Student Mental Health Innovation Summit. It is entirely student-inspired, student-organized and student-led.

Two hundred delegates from every province and two territories were brought together to brainstorm ideas and devise new strategies for addressing the issue of mental health on a national scale. The Jack Project is working towards implementing these youth-developed strategies by releasing materials and tools for young people to use to advance the face of mental health in their communities.

Why should you get involved?

  • To represent the voice of Albertan Students
  • To connect your SA to the Canadian student mental health movement
  • To have a collaborative space to share, discuss, and learn from our national community of advocates and enthusiasts.

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