Welcome to the ACMHI (Ack-Mee) Blog!

I'd like to welcome you to the beginning of the Alberta Campus Mental Health Innovation (ACMHI) fund blog!

For many years students have struggled under academic and financial pressure. In recent years, the cost of being a student has become overwhelming, with many students needing to work to subsidize their student loads. Other pressures of academic life adding to the burden of students include, spending copious amounts of time reading and studying for each course;  achieving academic success; and maintaining important relationships and physical health, just to name a few of the daily pressures faced by post-secondary students.

Post-Secondary is generally accepted as a noble quest; one for knowledge and to create better career opportunities; however, are students faring through all of the stress of their endeavours? Can the burdensome qualities of post-secondary outweigh the benefits? There is reason to believe that students are not faring well. Mental health has become a spot-light issue in the media and on campuses. CBC, CASA, The Globe and Mail, and York University have all reported on the mental health problems facing post-secondary students today (links provided below), suggesting that mental health illness and promotion are lacking in our post-secondaries.

ACMHI was initiated to deal with the ever growing need for mental health promotion, maintenance, and stigma-reduction. The funds granted by ASEC through ACMHI are intended to support students in their on-campus communities with timely, appropriate and meaningful strategies; and to foster a culture of compassion and understanding where students feel confident in discussing mental health issues, and seeking support. 

 As Project Manager of ACMHI, I want to share with you some of the information we have gathered here at the ASEC office regarding mental health, such as articles, news releases, and other pertinent information about mental health and post-secondary students. Through this blog, I will be also be able to share some of the innovative projects and initiatives happening across Alberta and Canada. 

So, explore some of the research, projects, and initiatives surrounding public health, feel free to leave comments and get chatting. ACMHI is here to inspire innovation and collaboration, and this blog is tool for members to connect with each other and the rest of the mental health movement happening in Canada.



- Jessica Turowski