Opening Minds and Reducing Stigma

Reducing stigma across campuses has supported efficacy according a study published by the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

They found that contact based anti-stigma symposiums on University campuses had a significant positive effect on undergraduate students beliefs on mental illness.

Students attended sessions from brief seminars to courses as long as 16 weeks. The overall effect was that students who attended the seminars or courses were more likely to promote and consolidate positive attitude on mental health; more likely to have reduced feelings of social distance: and more likely to promote social responsibility amongst their peers. 

The implications for post-secondary students and interventions are potent and relevant for student groups. Contact-based interventions are a feasible option for many campuses. It can be incorporated into post-secondary programming, events, information sessions, and other regular campus activities.  The effects of the contact-based interventions can potentially change the culture of student mental health issues.

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