Partners for Mental Health: Right By You!

As mentioned earlier, Partners for Mental Health is nationwide charitable organization dedicated to get people talking, understanding, and supporting mental health in Canada. You can get involved through taking the pledge, supporting campaigns, or getting involved with the Edmonton Region Partners for Mental health.

The Right by You campaign will generate greater awareness of the issue of youth suicide and rally Canadians from coast to coast to coast to lend their voice and take action to ensure mental health-related services, treatment and support are available to all children and youth when they need it, and that we invest more in suicide prevention initiatives. 

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Right By You

 Now is the time to do right by our youth... 

  • Every year we lose 762 young Canadians to suicide. 
  • Almost all young people who die by suicide have a mental illness such as depression. 
  • Mental health disorders are the most common medical illness amongst teenagers.
  • Three out of four children with a mental health problem or illness will not receive treatment.

About Partners for Mental Health: "Partners" is a national organization dedicated to "supercharging" a social movement that will transform the way Canadians think and act towards their own mental health, and towards people living with a mental health problem or illness. The genesis for Partners for Mental Health came from the Mental Health Commission of Canada, which was established in the fall of 2007. The Framework for a Mental Health Strategy for Canada, issued by the Mental Health Commission of Canada, identified an opportunity to catalyze a social movement in support of transformative change for mental health in Canada and the concept of Partners for Mental Health was formed. In November 2010, Partners for Mental Health became an independent registered charity in Canada. 

About this campaign: Partners for Mental Health promises to organize two campaigns a year to get Canadians talking about mental health and mental illness. They have had three campaigns so far (“Not Myself Today, April 2012; “Call BS”, November 2012; and “Not Myself Today at Work”, March 2013). Like the Fall 2012 campaign, “Call BS”, the 2013 campaign “Right By You” targets youth. But, a primary goal of this year’s campaign is to inspire Canadians to tell government that mental illness and suicide  are issues for Canadian youth. 

As with other campaigns, tool kits are available for anyone who wants to do a display in their school, their community, their church, or even their workplace. You can order a tool kit off the website. Petitions will be part of the tool kit, but they can also be downloaded from the website You can also tweet at @PartnersforMH or #rightbyyou, or post on the Facebook timeline


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