College Student Alliance (CSA) and Mental Health

Based in Ontario, CSA, similar to ASEC, is student-led advocacy organization that "believes that a post-secondary education should be available to everyone in Ontario wishing to pursue further education regardless of financial, demographic, cultural, or geographic barriers" (see website below). 

Recently, the Ontario Government implemented the Mental Health Innovation Funds to improve campus mental health in Ontario. Projects supported by this fund aim to improve the mental health services and resources on college and university campuses across Ontario. CSA is partnered with the CMHA in Ontario via the Centre for Innovation on Campus Mental Health, which is objectives are to (retrieved from ):

  • Establish a Community of Practice (CoP) to engage multi-disciplinary service providers within the campus environment to share best practices, foster enhanced collaboration to improve mental health services for students, and promote mutual support to reduce burnout in post-secondary service providers. 
  • Increase access to mental health specialists. The Centre will coordinate new ways to increase college and university service providers’ access to mental health specialists in support of students with complex needs.
  • Create innovative new approaches to address campus mental health.  The Centre will establish a “change lab” to pilot new approaches for addressing campus mental health that utilize social innovation and design lab methods. These approaches foster collaborative, intersectoral action through collective problem solving.

If you are interested in learning more about CSA and mental health initiatives in Ontario, please follow the links below for more information.