We at ASEC are happy to share the great programming and initiatives coming out of membership! Here is an update from the Lethbridge College Students' Association.

With the ACMHI funding that the Lethbridge College Students’ Association received this year, they were able to create a new position within their college’s Counseling Services. The new position created was that of a Student Wellness Coordinator, and Brittney Kiefer has been hired based on her enthusiasm and desire to make some changes on-campus.

Brittney believes that it is very important for students, at any age, to have accessibility to the right tools in order to achieve a healthy and meaningful lifestyle. She is beyond excited to be part of the push for mental health on Lethbridge College campus.

 Her goals include helping students: to help themselves be more successful, to learn more about mental health, physical health, and student well-being, and most importantly to ensure students enjoy their post-secondary experience. Brittney is motivated that with success and continual compassion she will be able to assist many students in achieving their personal best.

Kevin Hong, President of the LCSA, is excited to see what this next year will bring for mental health. “I feel that, with the additional support we can provide to students, we will be able to help in a large way.”

The LCSA remains committed to meeting the needs of the students it represents. For more information about this initiative, please contact Devon Hargreaves at


 Brittney Kiefer - Student Wellness Coordinator

Brittney Kiefer - Student Wellness Coordinator