Part 1: Get in the know with these eNewsletters, eSubscriptions, webinars, and blogs

In my searches and networks, I have had the opportunity to learn about great information resources available regarding mental health. Some of the these being webinars, newsletter, research, blogs, and more. These are great resources to learn what is going on across Canada and to gain inspiration from the great working being done. After all, why re-create the wheel? So much to learn and so much to share!



Healthy Minds Canada (HMC) is a national charitable organization that has funded close to 400 mental health and addiction research projects at 42 universities and teaching hospitals across Canada. HMC hosts workshops and symposia across the country and publishes resources and tools to translate the outcomes of mental health and addiction research and deliver this valuable information to those who need it.

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Earlier in the ACMHI Blog, I mentioned the great work done through Healthy Minds/Health Campuses. They have a great blog you can tune into that shares relevant, important information relating to mental health and post-secondary students. Tune into the blog at: 

The Healthy Minds Network for Research on Adolescent and Young Adult Mental Health (HMN) is dedicated to improving the mental and emotional well-being of young people through innovative, multidisciplinary scholarship. Join them to tune into their amazingly informative webinars and receive their enewsletters:  

Qualaxia is a network of researchers, experts, decision-makers, managers and clinicians who are committed to succeeding in this mission by means of research, expertise, training, knowledge transfer and international collaboration. Tune into their reserach through the eNewletter and blog available through their website: